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  • Nazar Huliiev

    Nazar Huliiev

  • Glenn Stephens

    Glenn Stephens

    Technologist, Speaker, Musician, Comedian, Writer, Martial Arts practitioner, endurance coach. Knows how to play the bagpipes but doesn’t. You’re welcome.

  • Khushal Patel

    Khushal Patel

    CTO at XtremeHeights Loves http://ASP.NET, C# , http://VB.NET SQL Server, MVC

  • Peter Wakabi

    Peter Wakabi

  • Ivan Tsurkan

    Ivan Tsurkan

  • Josef Nuhlíček

    Josef Nuhlíček

    Android & iOS Flutter Developer

  • Malcolm Jack

    Malcolm Jack

    Husband and father of 3. Turning a side-project into a business while prioritizing family #eattheelephant

  • Mehul Bhadricha

    Mehul Bhadricha

    Associate Team Leader. Besides being an IT professional, i enjoy music, adventures, sharing smiles, discover new places and make an impact to society :)

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