Magic Gradients Splash Screen

How make Splash Screen with animated Magic Gradients? Pros and Cons of these Splash Screens. What can go wrong here?

How to implement beautiful gradients in #Xamarin.Forms with #MagicGradients NuGet package.

Beautiful Country Picker for any Xamarin.Forms application with Rg.Plugins.Popup NuGet and online SVG Flags

How to make separate View’s for Tablet, Phones, Desktops and other device families

What to do when suddenly your Icon Font is displayed incorrectly? Here we will get ways to fix that with couple simple steps.

How to create a native Month and Year Picker and use it from Xamarin Forms

Speed-up your development of Magic Gradients with Snippets

Gerald & Matt

How to use Azure Speech-to-Text & Bing Photo Search with Xamarin

My Implementation Priorities

How to dynamically handle Back Button on Android Devices for any Screen


Magic Gradients could fill all your pages with awesome gradient background🤩 only in 15 lines at code

Bohdan Benetskyi

Microsoft MVP | C# .Net | Xamarin

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