Beautiful Country Picker for any Xamarin.Forms application with Rg.Plugins.Popup NuGet and online SVG Flags

Hi Folks 😛. Today I would like to share with you a beautiful country picker implementation that you can integrate into any Xamarin.Forms application. All you need is to copy a couple of folders from the GitHub repo and just enjoy or customize according to your project requirements.

From time to time we need to provide users with the possibility to select a Country, not so often we also need to specify the country code. So, why don’t have a beautiful popup in that case which brings us the possibility to search a country and immediately see a country code?

How to make separate View’s for Tablet, Phones, Desktops and other device families

Hi folks, it’s so easy with Xamarin.Forms check TargetIdiom 🤩 with Device.Idiom and make checks right in your XAML Code or C# Code Behind. But if we have a completely different UI for Tablets or should change it more than 60–70%, our XAML code will look like a mess ☹️, it will be SO HARD to navigate between controls and parts of different sections in UI.

No, no, no make a lot of custom controls will not solve our problem, we are in real life mostly handle with complex UI components, a lot of user interactions and gestures on it.

What to do when suddenly your Icon Font is displayed incorrectly? Here we will get ways to fix that with couple simple steps.

Time to time, when you run your app in Android, iOS or even in UWP in one of the platform or all at the same time you can get unexpected undefined icons or binding Path visible instead of the icon itself. When it can happen? — Here is all pretty simple 🤓. If it works before and now stops, the most popular reasons for that are:

  • 1️⃣ Updated ttf font with new icons.
  • 2️⃣ Re-deployed app cache font and now it’s invalid
  • 3️⃣ Switched between branches with different versions ofttf
  • 4️⃣ *Added ttf with Rider IDE

The First Way to Fix

I assume that you…

How to create a native Month and Year Picker and use it from Xamarin Forms

Sometimes we want to select a Date with Month, Day and a Year and we can go with global custom picker on Xamarin.Forms or in an easy way create a Native picker to makes the app more predictable and harmonious for users. But what if we want to select only Month and a Year and still have only Native UI and Behavior? — Here is where my blog starts making sense. …

Speed-up your development of Magic Gradients with Snippets

This blog post is a part of Louis Matos’s Xamarin Month, where this months topic is Code Snippets. For more information take a look at this blog and see the list of all the other authors who are participating. There you can find a lot of cool snippets to speed-up your development process and give you some satisfaction in writing your daily code.

It’s so many awesome snippets already there, so… what can I add from my side? I think we need some Magic in this Xamarin Month. …

Gerald & Matt

How to use Azure Speech-to-Text & Bing Photo Search with Xamarin

You definitely hear about the awesome Xamarin Combo Challenge from Gerald & Matt 😋. If no — please jut check the link below, otherwise, you may miss something in my story because I do not plan to describe Challenge details here and my story starts right after video ends

My Implementation Priorities

It so many opportunities with this Challange 🤔, so many ways to enhance this app, so many things to be done. But what things, what we wanna do there? Hmm 🤨, first of all, it shouldn’t take a lot of time from me, because I heard only on the third…

How to dynamically handle Back Button on Android Devices for any Screen

After a great article from Dylan Berry about Confirm Exit from Android application with Xamarin Forms, I start thinking why can’t we do this on every screen we want?


This solution prepared for Xamarin.Forms with MvvmCross v6.4.* Framework. I would like to pay attention here to that because not all search for a solution with MvvmCross Framework. If you are interested, I can write a blog post with other Mvvm Frameworks such as Prism or other 😉

Let me introduce to you our way to handle Back Button Pressed on Android devices. …

Magic Gradients could fill all your pages with awesome gradient background🤩 only in 15 lines at code

Hi all 👻, I would like to continue an article about styling applications with Magic Gradients. Today I will show you how easy you could style All your Pages in the Whole App 🤨. Same as before — we will not use any renderers only XAML + one more example with inline CSS 🙃. I know most readers hate it, but it’s awesome, seriously CSS in Xamarin.Forms is an awesome feature 😛.

😐 A Moment, Please

All GIF’s with gradients looks weird, just because tool which records and makes GIF’s compress it too much, you could check all by yourself — just clone a…

Do you ever plan to make your CSS properties? I will show you how 😋

As far as we could start using CSS in our Xamarin Forms application we stock with a problem that not all things we want are in. All-time count of supported properties is growing but not all the time it met our requirements. Or we create some controls and want to style some properties of it also from CSS like other controls.

How CSS in Xamarin Forms applies to controls?

At Xamarin.Forms.Core project you may find registration of all CSS properties for Xamarin Forms. All they are registered as an StylePropertyAttribute inside AssemblyInfo.cs file. At the initializing of Xamarin Forms static class Registrar start registration of attributes, also CSS…

Easily style your Xamarin Forms Shell Flyout menu with no Renderers

Bohdan Benetskyi

Microsoft MVP | C# .Net | Xamarin

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